As a single Persian guy that grow up in U.S. from the age of ten, I can honestly say that nothing beats dating a Persian girl. Yes, I have dated American, Brazilian, European, as well as Asian in the past. And just like any culture, there are good and bad among us all. So it’s not that I have had better luck dating Persian. No, I have had some great luck with dating outside my culture as well. But I can honestly say, that I prefer to date Persian. So you might ask what makes dating Persian so special? My answer is the culture. Dating a Persian girl, you will experience a different level of caring. I agree, not all Persian girls are caring. But at least the ones that are not do a great job pretending to be. That warmth and closeness, you can’t find in other cultures. Also I have found that Persian girls are more girly. They have a very high level of femininity that you just don’t find on other cultures. The way a Persian girl carries herself is with class and ethicist that is unique to our culture. That’s why in my opinion, Persian girls are not only the most beautiful girls in the world, but they are also the sexiest. They might nag, and make your live difficult at times, but the way a Persian girl rolls her eyes, makes it all worth it. As I have gotten older, I tend to appreciate all the qualities of dating Persian girls, especially ones that have a cute Persian accent.