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  • Long Distance Introduction
    Salam, I moved from Iran with my older brother to Houston, TX about three years ago. As a single Persian lady, it was always my requirements to find an educated, good looking, Iranian guy to marry. But my Iranian community was not as large in Houston as perhaps other places. So I joined IranianBachelors.com specially when I read that the site is totally free. So I figured, what am I to lose by joining and trying it! Soon I started communicating with an Iranian gentleman from Los Angeles. After a week or so, the email were transformed to phone calls. A month later, the phone calls lead to him flying to Houston to meet me and my brother. He has visited Houston two times, and I am now planning to visit Los Angeles, to meet his family for the first time. Thank you for offering such a service to me. I can tell you that this relationship that I have now started is priceless but I would not have joined such website if there was a charge and missed out on being this happy. I will keep you updated on the progress of my relationship and if God willing it leads to marriage, I will forsure thank you a million times. Bahareh
  • Persian Girls Are The Best
    Hi, thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my experience on this website. My name is Nima. I am 36 years old and have lived in U.S. for over 12 years now. To be honest, in the past, I used to be a player. Dated girls for fun. But now I have reached an age, that wish for something more substantial. Don't get me wrong, I still crave fun but want to have a connection with some one to perhaps lead to a long term relationship or marraige. So I joined IranianBachelors.com a few months back and so far all my experience has been fantastic. Through the website, I have been introduced to serious Persian girls that are interested in getting to know me. I have landed few dates and am now concentrating on one gorgeous Persian girl. She seems to be my type and seems to want same things I do in life. For some one like me that only dates Persian girls because I strongly feel that they are the funnest and most beautiful girls in the world, IranianBachelors has given me the opportunity to chose my right match. Thank you again. Nima
  • We are getting married!
    We wanted to thank you for introducing us together. If it wasn't for Iranian Bachelors, we could have never been able to meet each other and ultimately form a family. I was living in Sydney Australia, and my soon to be husband living in Paris, France. We found each other on the email. I hestiated first because I really did not believe in long distance relationship. But I figured since visually I was attracted to him, I should answer his emails. Soon after, we chatted on Skype and planned to meet. I flow to Paris to visit him. I love Paris as much I love him. Back and forth after few trips, he proposed to me and ofcourse I accepted. I never had a check list, but if I did he would get a check next to every criteria as he is just perfect for me. I am now living in Paris away from my family but with the love of my life. On behalf of my future husband and I, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for offering this free dating site for the Iranian community. Iranian Bachelors changed our lives for the best. Sima & Babak
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